Application FAQ's

What is the minimum GPA and test score?

UIW does not have a minimum GPA or test score requirement because both factors are taken into consideration.

When should I apply?

There is no application fee if you apply before February 1, but applications from qualified students are reviewed on a continuous, or rolling basis, throughout the year for Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters.

If I have dual credit, am I still considered a freshman?

Yes, but you will receive credit for the dual credit classes you have taken once you submit a transcript from the issuing college.

What if my grades or test scores have increased since I applied?

Increased test scores could earn you a higher merit scholarship. Submit your new scores so that we may reevaluate your scholarship. (Scholarship cannot decrease. It will only increase.)

What is a GoUIW account and why do I need one?

Students who apply to UIW using Apply Texas can create a GoUIW account to track the status of their application, check if they are missing any items, register for UIW Admissions events, and more. Students who applied for admission through the UIW website will already have a GoUIW account.