What is the minimum GPA and test score requirement?

Program requirements differ depending on which program you are applying for. You may view the program requirements on the individual program website, or you may contact Johnny Garcia, the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, with any questions at jsgarcia@uiwtx.edu or by calling 210-805-3554.

When should I apply?

Application deadlines are dependent on the program you are applying for. Some programs accept applications for the Fall and Spring semesters, where other programs only accept applications once a year. You’ll need to check with the department or the graduate advisor about application deadlines for your program.

Do I have to take the GRE or the GMAT?

Admissions requirements are different for each graduate and doctoral program, and your undergraduate GPA may determine if you need to take one of these tests. You’ll need to check with the program or graduate advisor to see if you will be required to test.

What if my grades or test scores have increased since I applied?

Your admissions and your academic merit scholarship is determined by a combination of your GPA and test scores, so if your scores or GPA or test scores have increased since you first applied, you may resubmit new scores or transcripts for consideration.